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IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division provides free counselling to students on one to one basis. Our senior counsellors have vast experience in handling student’s requirements and assist them by analyzing the individual profile, potential goals, financial constraints and academic relevance and suggest appropriate courses in universities in different countries to ensure their ambitions, goals and aspirations are met. IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division will help the students in finding the right education destination, universities and courses offered worldwide w.r.t the requirement of the student.

Get your visa
Don’t know how to get a visa to begin your studies abroad? This article explains the visa application process and offers tips to students looking to get a visa.
Once you’ve figured out how to fund your studies, the next thing in your way is the passport and visa office.
You are probably wondering whether you can get that visa before your course commences. You are also hoping there are no delays to getting your passport. These concerns are bound to trouble you.
But don’t worry; our comprehensive guide to getting a visa and passport should clear all your doubts. We’ll tell you how to apply for a passport and visa. Just follow our checklist to know what documents you will need for submission to the passport and visa office. Use our online material to gather all the information you need to apply for a passport and visa.
We also have an experienced visa officer in our offices to help you with your visa application and help you prepare for the visa interview. Some students may feel nervous about facing the consulate officer during the visa interview. We can assure you that with our personalised guidance, we can help you approach the interview.
Additionally, you can access our tips and sample questions to understand the purpose of the interview. Being clear with your objectives and answers should help you overcome any pre-interview jitters.
If you follow our guidelines and suggestions, you are sure to land a visa before your Uni joining date.
Studying abroad: What parents need to know
The spotlight has always been on students when it comes to studying abroad..what about what parents go through and how they should prep?
Being a parent, it is only natural for you to take a lot of interest in your child’s education. You are likely to have a lot of questions related to overseas education. Tough decisions about when, where and what to study are usually made by the students, but as a parent, you must surely want to be involved in the decision-making process. We believe by being well informed, you can play a wonderful supporting role as a parent and mentor for your child, as they begin their long study abroad journey with us.
You want what is best for your child. We echo that sentiment. We know just how important it is to get big, life-changing decisions right. Our advisors are here to make sure any decision you take for your child is based on his/her best interests.
Below you’ll find a list of helpful suggestions on how you can assist your child through the entire study abroad process and later when they’ve moved abroad.

Stay Informed
You’re likely to feel a lot more secure about your child’s education abroad after you’ve done some research. Start by gathering information on your child’s chosen study destination. Look into the course curriculum, campus life abroad and the accommodation options available for international students.
You can use our online resources to gather all the information you need. You can also call or meet our advisors to get any questions and doubts cleared.
An education abroad is among the most rewarding experiences for your child, but it can also pose a lot of challenges and potential difficulties. So be prepared to ask the right questions to the college representatives using all the information you’ve gathered.

Let Go
Sending your child abroad can be an emotional moment for you. As the departure date nears, you can have a lot of anxiety and second-thoughts creeping up in your head. We know how difficult it can be to part with a loved one, but it’s important to understand just how much the student benefits from independent living and foreign exposure.
Allow your child to make the most of his/her studies abroad by being supportive. It’s important to let them know that you stand by their decisions and are here to support them in their journey to build their career.
Give your child the information and resources he/she needs to make better decisions once they reach their study destination. Don’t be too demanding and expect them to call you every day. Understand their difficulties and make arrangements to connect at a time, which is favourable for your child and you.
Make an effort to connect with other parents whose children have previously studied abroad and learn about their experience. They could give you valuable pointers based on their personal experience as a parent.

Help your child with his/her packing plans. It’s important to pack light, but also wisely. Draw up a checklist detailing all the things that he/she will need for the duration of his/her studies abroad.
Check the weight of the luggage and see if your child is able to move around with it. Your child will have to carry that luggage around for a while, so it’s important to make sure he/she is able to handle the load.

Keeping in touch with your child while he/she is studying overseas is important for both of you. Work out a plan of communication before the departure date. It is important to be flexible with your plan because it may not always work out that way. Your child may have internet issues or phone connection delays — so be prepared for such eventualities.
Social networking sites like Facebook and internet messaging services like Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger are inexpensive ways to keep in touch. You can also use mobile apps like WhatsApp and internet calling solutions like Skype to stay connected. If you are not already familiar with any of these applications then it’s advisable to spend some time learning how to use them.
Students and parents should both have a set of emergency contacts with them at all times. You should note down the contact details of your child’s college representatives and classmates. In the event your child is unable to reach you, he/she should be able to connect with relatives in India or abroad.

By devising a sound financial plan, you can help your child manage his/her monthly expenses well. Use your experience and knowledge to guide your child on all issues related to money.
To limit spending and avoid needless expenditure, make a list detailing expenses that are mandatory, and then make another list detailing expenses that can be avoided. By reviewing both lists, you can work out a good budget plan with your child.

For a lot of students, living abroad can be the first time they are living away from home and on their own. So it’s important to be honest with your child about the drastic changes he/she is likely to experience living abroad.
Have a talk about the financial, social and academic responsibility with your child. Encourage your child to solve his/her own issues that may arise while studying abroad. Get them to do the bulk of research on matters related to overseas education. This will not only empower your child, but will also help him/her face any challenges that may emerge during his/her stay abroad. Place your trust on your child and give him/her the confidence needed to make his/her own decisions while studying abroad.

As a parent, you can teach your child to be more adaptive to the difference in cuisine abroad. You can also teach your child to cook his/her own food to save up on restaurant bills.

This is understandably among the biggest concerns for parents. Sending your child to a whole new country and making him/her deal with all the challenges that come with it can easily stress you out. But with proper guidance and awareness of safety measures, you can ensure your child’s well-being abroad.
Educate yourself on ways to stay safe in another country and then relay this information to your child. You should encourage your child to cultivate and utilise their "street smart" skills while living abroad.
Advise them to take various precautions when dealing with difficult everyday life scenarios.

You may want to visit your child while he/she is living abroad. Plan a visit only at a time that is convenient for your child. You don’t want to be showing up with your luggage during their exam periods.
Remember that while it may be a vacation for you, your child still has responsibilities. You may miss your child a lot, but it’s important for him/her to spend some quality time immersed in a foreign culture and engaged with new company to grow as an individual.

Returning Home
Just as you must prepare your child for his/her chosen study destination, you must also face up to the fact that on his/her return to India, he/she may encounter a “reverse culture-shock”.
Allow your child a period of adjustment when they first return home. After living as an independent individual abroad, it may take them some time to adjust to the demands of living at home.
Encourage your child to keep in touch with the people he/she met while studying abroad. These connections can last a lifetime. Listen to what your child has to say — he/she probably has a great deal of experiences to share with you. This could be a lovely moment to bond with your child again. We hope you found our suggestions useful. If you have anything to add to our list of suggestions, please feel free to comment below.

ADMISSION Apart from giving proper guidance to achieve your aspirations, we also assist you in putting together all vital documents and other formalities. Our expertise enhances you through every step of your admission process from
1. The selection of universities
2. Applying with discretion and assisting you through the complete procedure in a cost effective manner
3. Helping student in preparing a good application with all the required details such as a Statement of purpose, Recommendation letter and Project synopsis which makes a positive impact on the institution. A good application increases the possibility of securing admission and marginally reducing the inconvenience that the university might have to face for reasons as missing documents or incomplete application.
4. International English Language Training such as TOEFL/IELTS
5. Visa Requirements
VISA PROCESS Different countries have different rules & regulations for Visa processing. At IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division we provide excellent visa consultancy by assisting the students to prepare all the required documents keeping in mind the respective country consulates requirements. When a candidate is ready to apply for a student visa he/she requires certain documents which have to be presented at the consulate. We help in assisting students to prepare all the major documents and ensure help in all stages as mentioned below:
BANK LOAN ASSISTANCE IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division helps students in preparing documents required for bank loan and will assist students in securing a bank loan with banks which we have accreditation
Max. Duration 2Years

We assist students to prepare all the documents required at the time of visa which includes cover letter, affidavit of support, CA report, Valuation report etc.. Mock Interview sessions will help the candidate to face the interview at the consulate. IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division helps the candidate to prepare for the interview by conducting interview sessions before the student attends the interview at the consulate.

APPLICATION FORMS AND VISA APPOINTEMNT IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division assists by providing all the application forms, which are required at the consulate & help them to fill with our supervision. We also book the visa slot at the consulate.
IELTS TRAINING Our IELTS training program gives the candidate the confidence to get the required score, We provide state of art class room facilities with trained faculty.The total number of training is 30 hour i e 6 hours a week. Weekends classes will run 3 hour each on Sunday and Saturday and Weekdays 2 hours a day
PRE DEPARTURE BRIEFING IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division will provide pre departure briefing which will include detail information about the University accommodation and hostel facilities, University fee payment, orientation details, insurance required, clothing required with respect to the place and information about part time jobs.


IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division will assist students in booking air tickets with different airlines with most competitive rates and will also guide with respect to currency converting and providing details about travel cheques. We help students with health insurance as per the country requirement.

IndiaEduTech : Overseas Education Division will provide pre departure briefing which will include detail information about the University accommodation and hostel facilities, University fee payment, orientation details, insurance required, clothing required with respect to the place and information about part time jobs.

Our IELTS training program gives the candidate the confidence to get the required score, We provide state of art class room facilities with trained faculty.The total number of training is 30 hour i e 6 hours a week. Weekends classes will run 3 hour each on Sunday and Saturday and Weekdays 2 hours a day
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