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Doctorate Programes

Admission to Ph.D. Programme

Applications are invited for admission to Full-time/Part-time Ph.D. Programme in the disciplines of Arts , Sciences , Humanities , Management , Law , Medical , Engineering , Linguistics ,Commerce ,Computers , IT ,Finance and other areas relevant to master Degree from UGC recognized University .

Programme Ph.D. Doctorate Degree Programme
Course Duration 02-05 Years
Categories of Scholars/ Admissions Full-time non sponsored.
Part-time candidates.
Eligibility Criteria Master’s degree in Engineering/Technology or Master’s degree in Science/ Humanities/ Management or equivalent in relevant discipline with 55% marks in aggregate for general category.
The candidate having a valid Gate score / NET qualified or M.Phil Holders are exempted from Entrance Test for Ph D Admission.
Fee Head Fee (Rs)
The selected candidates will be required to pay the tuition and other fee as per University latest Fee Structures mentioned below On Request to University INR Rs( 1,20,000/- to 2,00,000/-) varies from University and Deptt wise . Fee for NRI students shall be charged in US$ on request

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When can I apply for the PhD?

The deadlines to apply are the same as for the master's degree. You can apply after your masters.

2. How is the PhD program different from the master's program?

From a coursework perspective, both are very similar. However, the PhD requires that you work closely with a research advisor for several years to develop a significant new contribution to telecommunications research. Details of the PhD requirements are here.

3. What are the research topics?

There are no set research topics. Research topics are often based on the current research directions of faculty. Currently, these include problems spanning wireless networks, IP protocols, network security, and smart grids varies from subject to subject.

4. How does this differ from PhD programs in other fields?

Telecommunications problems often mix technical challenges with a need for new regulatory frameworks, new business models, or new perspectives on how the technology fits within society. One goal of the Telecommunications PhD is to develop students with a broad set of research tools to find the "real" solutions as opposed to narrow discipline-specific solutions that miss the central challenge. Not every thesis will be mixed and may be primarily technical or primarily economic. But in every thesis the research will have considered the best approach to the problem across disciplines.

5. Who can be a thesis advisor?

Start with the Phd Holder Supervisor. The primary supervisor should be Phd with minmum three years of Research work experience . If you have a faculty member in mind, contact the research deptt. office to verify if they can serve as a PhD advisor. Three of the other four members of your PhD committee can be your supervisor.

6. I already have a master's degree. Do any of my credits count toward the PhD?

You may transfer a maximum of 21 graduate credits towards the PhD. There is no time-limit on these credits and they may be from CU or other universities. You may count any credits from CU taken within five years of completing your master's, however the classes will have to be approved by the ITP academic advisor. Your thesis advisor may require that you take other classes beyond what you have taken and beyond the minimum course requirements for the PhD in order for you to have needed expertise for your research.

7. Can I complete the degree online?

You may do your coursework online. However, your thesis research must be completed on campus.

8. How long does it take to complete the PhD?

There is no set time line. For someone with no prior graduate work, the PhD may require 2 to 5 years. For someone who already has a MPhil degree, it may require one year less. Formally, the PhD requires six semesters (three years) of residence as per UGC Rules and University guidlines . A prior master's degree can provide credit for up to two years of residence.

9. How do I apply for the PhD?

If you are a current ITP student you may take the qualifying exam. The exam will be offered in January or February of each year starting in 2012. Details are provided on the PhD degree page. If you are a student applying to the program, indicate in your application that you are interested in the PhD. If accepted as a PhD student you would be required to pass the qualifying exam in your first two years in order to continue in the PhD program.

10. What is the publication required for the PhD?

As per UGC notification two International Journals should be published within 24 months afther registration and RDC.

11. Is there any financial support?

Thers is a range of fellowships. Some partially cover expenses. Others are assistantships that cover full tuition and provide a stipend. Students who work on research projects may be provided with research assistantships by their research advisor.

12. What are the registration requirements for the PhD?

Following the successful completion of their comprehensive examination, PhD students are required to be continuously registered for fall and spring as full time graduate students. If a student fails to register for a semester after passing the exam, they must retake the exam to continue with their research. Students who have extenuating circumstances may petition the graduate school Dean for permission to participate in the Time Off Program.

13. Assume that I am a PhD student in ITP without an ITP MS degree. If I do not want to continue my PhD pursuit but meet the MS requirements, including the thesis defense, may I still receive the MS degree?

You may potentially fulfill the requirements of the MS, thus earning the master's degree and not complete a PhD.
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